Sunday, October 14, 2007

upcoming show

i'm opening a solo show on the 27th of october - if you're around you should come by and say hi.

also prints will be available via my etsy shop after november 1st.

a preview of the show can be seen here.


C-Monster said...

damn dude... i'm gonna be out of town. but congrats on the show!!

sam said...

i was talking to infinity this afternoon and he was telling me about the boston session - which sounded awesome - next time, we'll synch schedules prior to planning stuff!

O. Robau said...

Amazing blog and images, Sam.
I've added you to the sidebar in my blog.

keep up the awesome work.
O. Robau
Kinetic Carnival

C-Monster said...

oh, i'm not gonna be in boston. i'm gonna be in cali visiting my folks... so i'll be missing all the artsy stuff...

Lam Thuy Vo said...

hey, am on your sunset Park flickr group. Am a reporter and photographer in Sunset Park at the moment and I found this group to be quite useful. Thanks for setting it up!

Will try to pass by that exhibition!



Missy said...

Congratulations Sam!