Wednesday, October 10, 2007

sunset park

sitting here, i just realized that today is the 6th anniversary of my move to nyc. god, the time has flown by. when i first moved here, i was living out in sunset park - which was where i found myself on an unseasonably warm saturday.

industry city

which incidentally, was also day 1 of open house new york - a weekend were many things that are normally off limits to the general public are opened up for tours. in the past, i had always wanted to go and see the brooklyn army terminal and finally, i got the chance.

brooklyn army terminal

many other things going on - too many to list here, but trust me - there's a reason why i haven't updated the blog in almost a month. the one thing worth mentioning is that i am having a solo show, which will open on the 27th of october, here in park slope. it will feature some digital work and some holga and perhaps a few polaroids.


lastly - check out a couple pictures of me.

a few more shots of sunset park after the expansion





Anonymous said...

So, wait..... you're elbow-toe? Great work, look forward to the show....

sam said...

no not me - but a portrait of me

jannx said...

Congrats on the show Sam. Hope you knock 'em out!