Tuesday, August 21, 2007

hotel chelsea

hotel chelsea

last week, when it was (much) nicer out, i got the opportunity to go onto the roof of a new york institution, the hotel chelsea. a friend of a friend was shooting some video of john vanderslice performing on the roof at sunset and the opportunity to tag along was too good to pass up. while the "hotel," as a whole, is a mix of permanent residents and rooms for let, the penthouse level is comprised entirely of apartments. all of which have been created by combining rooms and building additions. the results are spectacular (in a tetris'esque way), with each apartment having multiple levels and terraced gardens. each seemingly their own private oasis, with easy access to a large semi-public space in the center.

rooftop garden


the rooftop also offered exceptional views of the surrounding city, more shots of the rooftop and surrounding view after the expansion. also, bluejake has a shot of me on the roof running on his site.



southern exposure



Nathan Kensinger said...

Nice. The rooftop explorations continue....

Hope they dont completely screw this place up in a renovation - isn't some fancy hotel chain going to buy them out?

dalton said...

This is a fantastic set of photos. Damn.