Friday, August 17, 2007

here tomorrow

the mugs
here tomorrow is the title of the newest record from the brooklyn based four-piece, the mugs. and fittingly enough, it will be available tomorrow on monday (8/20/07) to stream, in it's entirety, from the mugs website. i wholeheartedly encourage you to stop by and give it a listen. the physical record will hit stores in new york and seattle on the 28th of august and can also be pre-ordered here.

the mugs will be having the record release party for here tomorrow at union hall in brooklyn on the 25th-- where they will be joined by condo and the diggs.

album cover and track listing after the expansion

the mugs
1. Sinister Six
2. Clovers & Wine
3. Lady Liberty
4. Indian God
5. Grey Cat Row
6. Hindsight 2012
7. Woman Opens Man
8. Asleep All Day
9. Salt March
10. Arizona
11. Here Tomorrow

more information can be found on myspace and at the mugs website


Nick said...

Yo Sam, thanks for the post. And I actually even got the flash mp3 player working finally so it's actually up now!

sam said...

oh snap - heading over there to check it out now

Ryan said...

sam, you put the cream in cookies and cream. thanks for the shout.