Tuesday, April 08, 2008

in the backfield

you may remember that i had entered the crowd curated exhibition "click!" at the brooklyn museum last month. the submission process is done and now the voting has commenced. my photograph is number 318 (out of 389)- given it's spot in the line it's doubtful that it will win. if i were a betting man, i would wager that the majority of winners will hail from the front of the pack as they will get the most votes. i'm trying to find a workaround to enable me to link directly to the image, in the meantime - keep your fingers crossed and head over to the site if you've got some time to kill. there are some interesting images and some downright awful snapshots.


update - readers have informed me that the museum's site randomizes the order of images with each new account created - effectively evening the field for everyone involved. my apologies for jumping to conclusions before having all of the facts.


Anonymous said...

the image should only be #318 for you. it is allegedly randomized for each user.


Richard Nickel, Jr. said...

Sam - no worries, the "Click!" exhibition is using an engine that randomizes the order for each viewer; when a new account is created it sets the order that voter will see all the images randomly.

Nice shot, by the way - I gave it high marks.

sam said...

hmmn - interesting. that would certainly even things up a bit...thanks for the info.