Sunday, March 30, 2008

inflatable bear

as much as i've been generally unimpressed with the current state of street art here in nyc, sometimes something comes along that's just too good not to mention. as is the case of joshua allen harris and his inflatable trash bag art. creating animals and people out of old bags, he then affixes them to the grates above the subway. when train passes underneath, the rush of exiting air causes the bags to inflate and come to life.

- via the always interesting


Nathan Kensinger said...

Dude - thats awesome. I wish they had filmed peoples reactions to the inflatable dog... are there videos of other pieces has he done?

sam said...

yahoo was running a video picked up from abc news which had some reactions but i can't find it anymore.

Clockwatcher said...

This is great! I hope to come across something at some point.