Wednesday, February 20, 2008

south slope food news


toby's public house may or may not be opening up soon...wonder if they will be better then their big brother up the block, kitchen bar.


another new restaurant is also opening up down the block, it goes by the name of euro trip, the first thing that sprang to mind was that, should it be bad, it would quickly be known as "euro crap." you gotta consider the negative nicknames you could accrue when naming a place. heck, even plain old trip would be better. euro trip sounds so dumb, why do people think that they need to take it there?


lastly union market seems to be doing very well, i see a lot of people with multiple bags walking south as i walk north in the evening. even if they are selling $8 per pound baby cauliflower.


Anonymous said...

i hate to say it (cause i live in the nabe, and we need more places to eat) but i've sworn off kitchen bar on account of terrible service and spotty food. went in recently and the bartender was too busy being a dilletante to help me.

Anonymous said...

but lordy sam...have you EATEN that baby romanesco cauliflower? it is DELICIOUS. steamed, blanched, swathed in good olive oil and sprinkled with celery salt. divine. and worth the eight dollars a pound I suppose...

sam said...

yeah - i've had some pretty bad experiences with kb - i think the brunch can be ok. as long as it's not the jazz brunch, that's just painful.

never had the baby romanesco - only the full sized ones. and to be fair you probably get a whole bunch of them in a pound

Anonymous said...

been eating at kitchenbar since they's only gotten better. try it.

sam said...

my favorite was the white sandwich - mmmmn chicken with cheese on a white bun sitting on a white plate.