Thursday, August 02, 2007


yesterday i had to go into the city to pick up my newly sharpened knives at broadway panhandler. they did a very nice job, much better then that old guy who drives around brownstone brooklyn. instead of heading straight back to brooklyn with a bag of knives, i took a walk through the west village and soho. the way in which the mid-summer late afternoon/early evening light filters down through the trees and between the buildings is unusually pretty. at this point, you may be thinking to yourself, well that must have led to some good pictures? well, actually no. despite walking around with the camera out, nothing was catching my eye. i've been feeling lately like i might be slipping into a bit of a photographic slump. i've been shooting lots of pictures, mostly of shows - but as far as personal stuff goes, i don't think i've taken a good shot in a month. so, i mostly just walked the streets, enjoying the light and shooting some street art that i came across.




a few more shots after the expansion

con coyote



free will

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Teresa said...

Thirty bucks to sharpen three knives? When we lived on Carroll Street just a few years ago, that guy was only charging a couple-three dollars per knife. He'd double-park at the top of our block and hit up the kitchens at Moutarde, La Cucina, Aunt Suzy's, and al di là -- it was a four-restaurant intersection.

Park Slope prices, I swear.