Wednesday, August 29, 2007

3rd avenue

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3rd avenue feels like a leftover from the 80's. an expressway rumbles above you while cars rattle by at top speed on hamilton avenue, which runs underneath. most of the business being done seems to revolve around gas stations, car washes and tire shops. at night and on weekends the area is especially desolate which can make for some interesting shooting. if you head north from here, you skirt along the waterfront, passing warehouses, factory's, box stores and a federal prison.

prospect avenue

fox glass

i really like how they took the time to give the garage some nice details.

continuing down 3rd on my way to the mugs record release party, i noticed that it looks like the new restaurant on 3rd avenue at 9th street was still progressing along at a fair rate. they had poured some new concrete in what looks like it could be an outdoor seating area.

lastly, a couple more pictures after the expansion.

sherif motors

3rd avenue

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