Tuesday, August 07, 2007

21st street


caught this post running on brownstoner today, this building is 3 doors up from our apartment and has been the subject of much speculation as to how much they're asking and, more specifically, who's going to pay the overinflated prices they are sure to be asking. brownstoner is speculating that since the listing has been pulled from the corcoran site, the building will become rentals. apparently, only one of the eight units has sold in the approximately two months that it has been on the market. lastly, i might point out that the building sits next to the worst building on the block...the front door is always wide open, stray cats wander in and out, people are coming and going at all sorts of odd hours of the night. the day before one of the open houses, in what can only be called preemptive damage control, the neighbors gate was freshly painted, the normally overflowing trash was neatly organized and there was a suspicious lack of kids hanging out on the stoop. however the "no loitering, no ball playing, no hanging out, no exceptions" sign was still prominently displayed next to the wide open front door.

view the corcoran listing here

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read the update on brownstoner

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Lisanne McT said...

GOOD!!! I hope all these condos flop along with the real estate blogs! fuck em all!!!!! yuppies (out dated but relevant term) all!!!