Friday, July 06, 2007

south slope (part 2)

there is never a dull day in the south slope. usually that's because of the raccoons that plague the neighborhood . or possibly because of the stray cats that live in the backyard or maybe it's the seemingly never ending construction. however, today is a particularly exciting day. a tipster reports that a union market is opening a location next to the bagel hole on 7th avenue between 12th and 13th streets. no longer will the neighborhood gourmets have to trek all the way to union to purchase their d'artagnan wild boar roasts.


apparently, there was also a story in the brooklyn paper several weeks ago about this.

some information on sidecar, kitchen bar: pizza bar and quarter -- as well as a totally unofficial review of nick after the expansion.


a friend reports that sidecar (5th ave. btw 15+16) is going to soft open (for friends and family) this weekend. they also report that the second business partner is an owner of o'connors. i'm excited to hear their thoughts on this much anticipated restaurant.


speaking of anticipated restaurants, kitchen bar is supposedly opening up an outpost across the street from their current location (6th and 20th). Currently, it's an empty lot - so it seems to have a long way to go before they fire up any ovens down the street on the corner of 21st . i can only hope for my sake, that by the time they open, they'll have figured out that the trick to running a good restaurant is to pick several things that you do very well and stick with that formula instead of attempting to be everything for everyone.


quarter is a new bar that recently opened on 5th ave between 20th and 21st. a few of us popped in there late last weekend, the place had a nice ambiance and the staff seemed friendly. will stop in again for a better review when it's not so late.

nick thai

nick is the new thai delivery spot that opened where brawta used to be on 7th ave and 15th. it seems like the last thing 7th ave needs is another thai restaurant, i think that we already have 4 or 5 and none of them are that great. a friend had the lunch delivery and the report was not great. overly sweet pad thai with a tasty curry puff.


Anonymous said...

i am way, way too excited about sidecar.


Lesterhead said...

Aw, man. I lived on 21st bt 4th and 5th in 2001 and it was a wasteland. I'm kinda jealous that stuff is opening there now.

sam said...

I am in total agreement with you 2:24.
anybody go to the soft opening this weekend?

lesterhead, rob and i were talking about how fast the ball is starting to roll in terms of 5th avenue development south of 9th. this year has seen a number of new places and i'll bet that next year will see even more.

Lesterhead said...

Definitely! Looks like you picked a good area for living. I'm sure you've checked it out already, but if not, Eagle Provisions on 5th has an excellent beer selection.

Anonymous said...

the kitchen bar spinoff isn't at 20th and 6th, it's at 21st and 6th- the place with the black door and window shutters... going to be a pizza/beer operation

sam said...

it's true, i actually corrected myself in a later post:

i was meaning to come back and change this one - must of slipped my mind.