Tuesday, May 22, 2007


tuesday - i woke up kind of early and headed off to the market to find some drinks and breakfast supplies and shot a few pictures of some back streets in the rain. after a breakfast of toast, sour cherry jam, yogurt and plums with coffee we headed over to the kreuzberg neighborhood of east berlin. we had heard that there was some sort of crazy old pub type of place that served the best "mystery" (that's how it was described to us) chicken. we later found out that it was really just the best fried chicken in all of berlin. we took the u-bahn down here and decided to walk around for a while, maybe go check out the airport - which is supposedly a great example of the soviet era architecture. (see above) we walked along a river and a park for a few hours and then got some less than stellar thai food. berliners are crazy about thai food, not so much their own cuisine but pretty much any other ethnic food was pretty popular. decided not to go out to the airport and instead to head back towards prenzlauer berg. for dinner we wanted to go to a restaurant called "wiensteins" that some friends had recommended but by them time we got over there the kitchen was closed so we had some wine, olives and raw milk cheeses and headed back across danzinger strasse to our neighborhood. we discovered a cool little bar/cafe called, simply "yes." where we had some drinks and talked about going tover to west berlin the next day.

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